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By Admin
It's as simple as signing up to the forum and introducing yourself, your airguns, or share some information. All users 18+ years of age on this forum who are active and have at least 1 post will be eligible. Please see the link in the header above for pictures and links, and the sign up link for new forum users.

We will be giving away two brand new airguns from Airgun Source Canada, thanks Travis!
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By Admin
Hi everyone,

Well the contest didn't go as planned and we had very little interest in the contest. However I'm still going to draw a winner and post it shortly.

We understand how difficult it is to start up a forum in this day and age. A 1990's style platform in 2021 is crazy to think of starting. However with Social Media and all of the tech Giants starting to ban, remove, suppress anything gun related, we expect places like this to grow soon again.

Thanks for everyone who signed up so far and posted their first post, please help us grow this community and get your airgun friends signed up and contributing.

Have a great day, the winner will be announced shortly.

Air Arms S510 T

This looks like Hotness, wonder when it’ll c[…]

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