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By NorthernBallistics
I'm still dreaming of the Air Arms 510XS Carbine.


It's adjustable (that's huge for me with the farm, want slow speeds for ratting in the barn) it's beautiful, it's accurate and it's a rifle that will get passed down from generation to generation.
By BB1Shooter
Yes, the NXG BB shotgun may be all plastic, but what can you expect for a price of $50 US.

If it shoots BBs down range at the claimed 490 fps, and has a smooth pump action, it may be worth the price.
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By NorthernBallistics
That one is like the Winchester Model 12 that Daisy sent me. It was great for the kids until it stopped working. It's a low price point so don't expect a lot. ;)
By BB1Shooter
I suspect it may be a bit better than the Winchester Model 12 by Daisy.

I have the Model 12. It is an OK entry level BB shooter, but is spring powered, making the pump a bit of a effort, as it is what propels the BB. I found the Model 12 to require more effort to pump than the similar Marksman 1700 series pump BB gun.

Since the new Umarex NXG Pump action BB gun is CO2 powered it should be easier to pump, and also claimed to shoot at 490 FPS, vs. mid 300's for the Model 12.
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