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By Admin
Hi there,

So you want to post your favourite picture or video of your airguns. That's great, we want all the content you can muster.

If you have the image on a remote hosting service, another website, google photos, icloud, flickr, imagur, etc. You can use the Icon of the picture image in the menu above (between the quote bubble, and the link icon), and insert the URL of the hosted image.

If you just want to upload the image to the forum and have us host it, use the "Upload Attachment" option below this text entry box. You'll be able to upload the photo from your computer or device and "Place Inline" will insert the image into the message you're writing.

If you want to post a YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc.. Just post the URL link in the message, and the forum software will embed it automatically in the message.

Simple solutions. :)

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